Dicky Paolo is misterpao.


Hello, I’m Paolo. My family and long time friends call me Dicky. My colleagues call me Sam | Paolo | Paul | Polo, depending on what race they belong. I don’t complain though ‘cos I love those names. 🙂

I’m an expat living in Dubai from the crazy yet gorgeous country, the Philippines. I’ve been working and gladly staying in this emirate for quite a long time now. Well, since forever!

I’m an outgoing introvert. If you don’t know what that is, please do yourself a favor and Google it. Some days I’m a bookworm, some days I’m that hopeless romantic guy watching chick flicks. I’m a bit OC. I love food! (Who doesn’t?) And oh, I’m a frustrated singer! Haha!

I am not a writer, definitely not a good storyteller, so be warned! But, I would appreciate it if you read my entries. You probably did already anyway since you’re now in my “About” page. So, thank you!

Do you want to know more about me? Seriously? Alright, drop me a message at dickypaolovcausapin1985@gmail.com. I would love to know about you, too!

Shukran Habibi!


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